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Sarah, Sanjana Saya & Raphael

Sarah, Sanjana Saya & Raphael


Who we are…

Hi, we’re Sarah & Raphael, with our 6yr old daughter Sanjana. We’ve been designing, making and selling our own handmade jewelry since 2010. Our little business has grown organically from us sitting at the side of the road at festivals to having our own stall at festivals, craft fairs, yoga events and christmas markets all over Europe. We feel blessed and grateful that we were able to turn our passion into a successful family-run fun operation. Now, 2019, we are happy owners of our own laser cutter, which enables us to express our creative inspirations in a myriad of new ways. We enjoy all aspects of our “work” and put a lot of love into all details of it. Nature has a beauty unsurpassed by man, so we use natural materials like wood, brass, crystals and feathers to create our art. We’re happy our work gets appreciated by so many people! It’s a blessed road we’re on…

Love & Peace

Sarah, Sanjana & Raphael

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