Orgone pendant with Landscape Jasper ~*~ crystal jewelry, healing fractal artwork, Reiki, Reich

Orgone pendant with Landscape Jasper ~*~ crystal jewelry, healing fractal artwork, Reiki, Reich


NEW Orgone pendant with Landscape Jasper , handcrafted with love &care by Raphael & Sarah.

This pendant is 4cm (1.6 inch) in diameter and weights only 30-35g.

The Orgone pendant has an Landscape Jasper in the center and contains the following crystals: Quartz as the energetic core, black Tourmaline for protection and Rosequartz for heartfelt blessings. Other Materials used: 24K Gold, metal, copper spiral and resin. The backside is made of non-allergenic metal alloy.
All crystals have been cleansed and programmed with the highest intentions.


We are professional Crafters of Highgrade Orgone devices since 2008 and the clean, powerful energy of our creations reflect the long experience we have.
Made with Love & Knowledge

Raphael & Sarah

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You wonder why we‘ve spent the last eight years making basically just Orgones (and a baby :-) ??

Seriously, Orgone devices are one of the coolest things out there. Why? Well, they are able to directly interact with THE most important stuff in existence - The Universal Life Force. How fresh is that?
Well ok, maybe it‘s not so extraordinary, seeing that ALL is made of Life force and everything we see or otherwise perceive is nothing but one of the myriad expressions of Life. But still, Orgone purifiers are amazing because - they can improve the quality of the Chi/Electromagnetic/Life field that you‘re using day in, day out: your body (or bodies to be precise).
The resin as the organic component attracts pos&neg Life force from the surroundings, the crystals inside harmonise and cleanse the energy and the anorganic metal dispells the balanced vibrations afterwards - continuosly, free of charge, for everyone. Pure love in action :-).
The science behind Orgone purifiers is still in it‘s early stages because the great mind who has dedicated his life to the unbiased Research on Orgonotic Functionality got murdered for exactly this. His name was Wilhelm Reich and he was one of the coolest dudes who has ever lived, period. But Sarah&me and others around the globe are working on deepening and widening the understanding of the basic natural principles - Life in action :-)

These days Orgones are made and used by thousands of people all over the world, conscious of the energetical pollution around us – and actively doing something against it. Be one of them. Many blessings on your path.

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